6 Ways Music Influences Moods And Driving Performance

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Today, a plethora of information has been revealed from studies and researches carried out on the effect of music on moods and driving performance. Most of them correspond to the findings on Collected.Reviews which explain how music is a tool that affects human driving mood and performance greatly.

Characters in movies and real life people enjoy listening to music while driving. Travelers even create a playlist for themselves before they set off their journey. Music is an integral part of human existence and behavioral pattern which influences moods and driving performance in so many ways.

A lot of drivers today end up being people who buy car parts online as a result of careless driving, especially when they have just had a bad day or heard bad news. They end up tailgating and switching lanes carelessly. Accidents on the road can be traced many times to reckless driving and more because the mood of the driver is what regulates driving.

Here are 6 ways Music influences moods and a driver’s performance.

·      Music positively impact a driver’s mood

The mood of the driver Influences the performance on the road. Music produces a good feel and helps drivers face the reality on the road. Music boosts antibodies that help in immunity.

·      Music changes the way we perceive people and things

Though down and jaded by the way life is, music can help change the perception we have towards people and the way they treat you. During a sad mood, music stir up a happy demeanor. Often, music can stir up a sad mood depending on the kind of music.

·      Music influences happiness

Music has a good way of emitting dopamine from the brain which gives the body the necessary excitement and happy feel. Music helps you to stay above the people’s torture and demeaning words. Music reduces pain, cures dementia and may help in recovery of memory.

·      Music reduces depression

Music helps depressed people relieved on time. It acts as a psychological therapy in that it releases chemical stimulants. These chemical stimulants are antidepressants that boost happiness, reduces weariness, boost confidence, stirs up excitement, gives high self-esteem, arouses a good disposition and changes the thought pattern.

·      Music could distract teenagers while driving

According to the number of research carried out, teens prefer  high-arousing, fast-paced and loud music. This could, however, distract a driver when driving. The music rhythm and fast tempo if it exceeds the breathing rate can lead to increased breathing and therefore cause distraction on the road. Music could therefore lead to overspeeding, miscalculation, careless lane switching which may result in accidents.

·      Music reduces blood pressure and enhance calmness

Good music should lower breathing rate which in turn lowers respiration rate. Music reduces the waiting time at traffic spots, traffic stops. A driver’s time perception is influenced by the way he waits patiently at stops. Music replaces boredom and acts as a therapy to reduce driving stress and agitation.

Music may, however, lead …

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6 Ways Social Media and Mobile Technology is Affecting Travels

The Evolution of Social Media: How Did It Begin and Where Could It Go Next?

Plenty of industries have been affected by social media and mobile technology, and the travel industry is not an exception. Check for other industries affected by social media and mobile technology.

With the help of the best telecommunications companies, the way we define travelling has changed.Now, transportation has become easier than ever before because tour operators are beginning to leverage technology. Let us look at six ways that social media and mobile technology is affecting travels.

1.     Travel Spontaneity:

Social media has given consumers the power that tourism and travel agencies used to have. Now More than ever before, people are going on trips that they did not initially plan for and taking a last-minute trip is becoming the order of the day among millennials. With the bigger brands trying to leverage social media and the smaller brands using social media as a means to have a fighting chance of survival with bigger brands, social media has created a level ground for all and sundry to thrive.

2.     Free Advertising:

Social media has given travel and tourism agencies the platform to advertise their agencies for free. Consumers, on the other hand, also know the power that they have through social media over travel and tourism agencies.Advertising on social media gives travel and tourism agencies the ability to personalize their relationship with their customers and also reward them for helping them to market their brands.

3.     Cross-Cultural Connections:

Before now, travelling into a country that you have never been before or know nothing about, except you had a family or friends to show you around, would be flying blind. However, with social media, the needs of modern-day clients and travellers are satisfied because you can meet people that share the same interests as you, regardless of their location, on the internet.

4.     Language Barriers:

With the app of mobile applications like Google Translate, communicating with somebody that speaks a different language has never been easier.You can also connect your Google Translate app to your smartphone camera and translate any sign or menu to your language in real-time. Also, with applications like Duolingo, you can learn another language or improve the language that you already speak.

5.     Electronic Payment:

Electronic payments have been made easier with mobile apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet. One of the advantages of electronic payments is convenience. You do not need to wait in line in front of an ATM to withdraw money and also you do not need to carry large amounts of cash with you. With this electronic payment platform, there is no need to worry about card fraud any longer.

6.     Packing Routine:

With the help of improved mobile technology, one gadget can do what five or six gadgets used to do. This means you don’t need to carry an iPod and a notepad where you can jot things down, you can easily carry only your phone instead. This helps you save … Read More...

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